Welcome to this world, Adeline Mae

In the beginning Mom went to an OB, but after looking into other options we decided to  to go to the birth center (in O’Fallon, Missouri). We wanted a very personal unmedicated birth. The midwives at the birth center were absolutely the best and I couldn’t ask for a better support team.  We also took a Bradley Method class which was a big help in knowing what to expect and helping Mom to manage the pain. After all was said and done, I felt very prepared for this delivery.

Then the 37th week visit hit…

As you saw from the previous post, baby was breech and nothing was working. After two versions, moxibustion, acupuncture, chiropractic, and many days and nights of doing inversions and breech tilts, we realized (with the recommendation of our midwives) that it was time to schedule a c section. The midwives referred us to an OB that we would see. It was pretty emotional. I think the fact that we found out early about the c section, it really helped Mom (and me) digest and work through the news.

Let’s fast forward to Sunday, August 17th – two days before the scheduled c section. We receive a call from the OB’s (who was doing the c seciton) office: the OB broke his ankle. Yup, broke his ankle. At this point, we were then directed to a new OB and there was no time to meet with him prior to the procedure. Another emotional roller coaster.

Tuesday morning, August 19th, 5:00am. We are at the hospital prepping for the c section. One of the midwives came to stand in as a doula. This was really a big help and definitely relaxed Mom. She stopped as we were getting prepped and then met us later when we went down to the OR.

They made me and the midwife wait outside as they prepped Mom for the surgery. I remember seeing Mom’s face as I walked in – while it broke my heart seeing her like that, I was also proud at how well she was handling it.

‘There’s her feet!’, the Doctor said. And what felt like only 30 seconds later, he was holding up our beautiful baby girl. I remember my first thought was, “Her head looks weird!’ (come to find out breech babies tend to have a little different shape to their head) and ‘Why is she so purple?”.

They immediately took her over to the warm table to do some measurements and check her weight. The had me come over and told me to talk to her as she was screaming. She immediately stopped when she heard my voice. It was the most amazing thing ever. I turned to Mom and we both cried. She was perfect.

Welcome to this world, Adeline Mae.
Tuesday, August 19th @ 7:51am. 7lbs, 15oz, 20″

Here are some photos from the past 41 weeks…

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