Switching things up here

I’ve decided to switch some things up here and ditch the ‘I’m Okay. You’re Okay’ name. Often I want to post things that aren’t just family related, so I feel the name pigeonholed me. Anyways. The content will be the same, but I will be posting things other than just cute photos of Addie. I hope you enjoy.


Mom’s Birthday and Halloween Costumes

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Jessica requested a trip to the pumpkin patch for her birthday. This year Addie seemed to get into it more. And she actually sat still for the hay ride! Happy 25th birthday, babe!

Addie decided that she wanted to be P’incess ‘Fia this year. She doesn’t have to wear the dress to know she’s already a P’incess in this house!

Week ??? – I Gave Up on the 52 Week Project

As you can see, I abandoned my 52 week project. We moved recently and since then I’ve just been too tired and busy. Addie’s still just as adorable – but oof, this child wears me out. So anyways, I’m going to try to keep up with this blog more often, even if it’s not once a week.

Addie started ‘school’ today. It’s just a parent’s day out up the street from our house. Sounds like she loved it and did really good (aside from difficulties sitting still during story time). I’m hoping the busy morning will wear her out enough that she’ll sleep for 3 hours! I’m excited that she’s bringing home crafts. Our fridge is going to be covered!

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