Valentine’s Day

Addie had a Valentine’s Day party at her preschool and we were invited to join.

After nap, she opened up the cards and treats. When it comes to candy, she gets pretty serious since we don’t give it to her often. She said, as she ‘read’ one of the cards, ‘Henry loves Addie. All the time, forever.’ The card actually said, ‘You make my heart fly!’ It is a Paw Patrol card from Oliver.

Happy Birthday to our 3-teen

It’s a special day in the Davis household. Addie is 3! As we speak she’s fighting her nap and screaming/singing at the top of her lungs about anything. I’m guessing that’s typical for a 3 year old, right? We went to Braeutigam Orchards this morning to eat some donuts, pick some blackberries and play with kitty cats. Papa (my dad) happened to be in town so he joined us in the festivities. Recently, he told me that Addie has more energy than I did as at her age. Help us, Lord.